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Gathering global capital to upgrade Thailand’s tourism.
The First 100% Legalized Digital Currency in Southeast Asia




Tripxchain is a public chain project dedicated to the commercialization, capitalization and application of the Blockchain in Thailand, creating the first public chain brand for digital business applications in Thailand and the global travel industry

The Future of Tripxchain

Enlisting On Chain Strategic Partners; More Travel-based Products/ Service providers; Third-Party application developers On Chain Objective:The World’s First Tourism Chain Ecosystem.

Collective Community Governance

Based on Blockchain technology and general economic concepts, Tripxchain adopts decentralized operations and management methods, and utilizes the equivalence of rights and obligations of each node in the Blockchain to ensure that all users of the platform have the same rights and obligations, which guarantees maximum fairness and transparency of the platform.

Ecosystem Structure

In Tripxchain Ecosystem includes nodes, auditors, developers, contract holders, consumers, DAPP, communities and other stakeholders

Why Tripxchain
might be the right fit ?

Tripxchain Global Blockchain Tourism Ecosystem is aimed towards the entire tourism industry; such as scenic areas, hotels, resorts, homestays and consumers, to establish business and consumer big data in regards to their travelling habits. This provides the tourism industry with increased trust, incentives, and services, with zero commission.

Tripxchain’s initial application is focused on the Thailand tourism industry. It begins with Thailand tourism services as its core, which is expected to establish upstream and downstream services to provide a fairer and more transparent travelling system, thereby shaping the future of the tourism industry.

Tripxchain is a public chain project dedicated to the commercialization, capitalization and application of the Blockchain in Thailand, creating the first public chain brand for digital business applications in Thailand and the global travel industry. With the development of Tripxchain ecosystem, Tripxchain will help the Thailand’s real economy to usher in the large scale application of the Blockchain.


Tripxchain Ecological
Credibility Construction

Tripxchain Ecological
Evaluation System

Tripxchain Decentralized
Ticketing Platform

Digital Town

The return for the investor comes from the value of the project. The core value of the project comes from the application scenario. Currently, the Thailand first currency exchange group, SUPER RICH, and Tripxchain have reached a strategic partnership. TXC can legally exchange with Thai currency at any time at SUPER RICH. Tripxchain sponsor relies on existing resources and business elements to follow the general economic model and design the application scenario of the Tripxchain Token-TXC. Tripxchain has now entered into strategic partnerships with a number of companies or organizations to launch a complete payment system with TXC as a payment tool.

TXC consumer payment value conversion principle: If the price of TXC in the secondary trading market is lower than the original purchase price, consumers can pay for products based on the TXC’s original price purchased; if the price of the TXC in the secondary trading market is higher than the consumers’ previous purchase price (TXC value-added), consumers can pay for products based on the value-added market price.

Application Scenario that allowed TXC payment:


TXC can be used to purchase all Thai royal products produced

TXC can be used to pay for all travel projects

TXC can be used in all major shopping malls in Thailand.

TXC can used to purchase related insurance products.

TXC digital currency can be used in convenient store in Thailand

TXC can be used in Bangkok (Thailand); Digital Town.

Token Details

Total TXC token supply 3 Billion

SoftCap: USD$10m
HardCap: USD$72m

1 ETH = 5,000 TXC
Min Purchase: 3 ETH

TXC tokens are not for sales for all Thailand Institutions investors and citizen.

Market Overview

Tourism is the pillar of Thailand’s Economy
Thailand’s tourism industry ranks number 1 in Southeast Asia in terms of earning capacity, and is among the top in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a UN report, Thailand has the 11th largest number of tourists in the world, and its tourism revenue ranked 5th in the world during 2017. Tourism is the pillar of Thailand’s economy and plays an important role in the national economy.

Thailand has abundant industries to expand into
The development of tourism has driven the expansion of food, housing, transportation, and other related industries, which will lead to the emergence of high investment value sectors such as the tourism real estate, transportation, shopping malls, entertainment industry, medical care, pensions, and overseas education.

Thailand has abundant IP resources
Thailand has abundant IP resources such as Culture, Tourism, Real-Estate, Celebrities, Movies, Songs, Soccer, Boxing, etc. However, the commercial value of IP is difficult to excavate and measure, due to a lack of transparency and concise goals; these are suitable conditions for the development of blockchain technology.

Difficulties in the Tourism industry
Overbooking; Fraud cases; High Middleman commission; Complications and obstacles in the transaction process; Identity authentication; Cross-border payment and settlement issues.

System Features


One of the highlights of the Tripxchain system is the use of a consensus algorithm for the enhanced DPOS, which adds an efficient and practical Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm to DPOS, and greatly reduces the possibility of network spilts, as long as no more than 1/3 of the nodes are federated, the system will be unable to split; eliminating the risk of double payment.

Developer Tool

The Tripxchain ecosystem is designed for travel-based applications across a wide-range of industries. In order to reach as many users as possible, Tripxchain will focus on creating a high-quality plug-in and derivative application.


Developers can customize the parameters of their sidechains, such as block generation speed, transaction type, transaction fee, etc. The implementation of a new consensus mechanism can also be used by developers for proof of equity or workload proof to replace the default principal equity certification mechanism.

Development SDK

The bottom layer of the Tripxchain Blockchain and the smart contract layer function will be open to the whole network. Any third party can develop DAPP through the API interface and SDK provided by Tripxchain. Through the SDK middle layer, DAPP developers in the ecosystem can develop applications more efficiently without the need of Tripxchain’s underlying blockchain layer.



Use of

App Showcase

The Tripxchain App is an all in one app allowing users to perform accommodation and facility bookings, flight bookings and fiat currency conversion within the Tripxchain network.

Read More

  1. Token Creation & ICO

    Create Tripxchain Token as ERC20 Token. Launch Tripxchain ICO

  2. Reward Systems Implementation

    TXC blockchain technology will undergo beta testing with Thai Airways, AirAsia, Royal Duty Free and Thailand Tourism; travel agencies, payments, ticketing, insurance and more

  3. Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    TXC tokens to be listed in Thailand’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

  4. TXC Blockchain Technology

    TXC blockchain technology to be fully operational in Thailand International Airlines, AirAsia, Royal Duty Free, and many other Thai tourism venues. Token holders can begin to use their TXC tokens actively

  5. Blockchain based trading system

    Multiple participating partners across Thailand to begin beta testing of TXC blockchain payment processing.

  6. TXC Tokens

    Token holders will be able to purchase products and services at more than 10,000 merchants across Thailand using TXC tokens

  7. TXC Payment Process

    Extension of TXC payment processing to neighborhood shops across Thailand; mini convenience stores, bistros, hair salons, and spas。

  8. Global Expansion to Reward Stakeholders

    Company listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand for global expansion to reward stakeholders such as employees and masternode owners.

  9. Tourist Blockchain to Global Travel

    Apply business model of tourist blockchain to global travel cities, starting with Asia; Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong.